October 29th, 2008


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Samuel ate his first Cheerio today. Unfortunately, it didn't stay down, as a subsequent one caused him to gag and vomit. Poor kid. Apparently Cheerios are still a little advanced. I was impressed by how quickly he figure out how to pick them up, though. He pushed them around for a minute or two, then managed to pick a few up but dropped them before he could get them to his mouth - but within five minutes he'd gotten it all figure out. In order to let him keep practicing picking up small things, I think that I'm going to buy some of those Gerber puff things - they're like Cheerios but they dissolve easier, so that Samuel won't be as inclined to get them in his throat.

Speaking of Samuel, he's gotten over the sleep thing, and we're back to waking every few hours. I'm praying that it's a phase, and we'll return to longer slumbers.

This lack of sleep has killed my short-lived productivity.

I have a ton of Kierkegaard reading to finish for tomorrow. Ugh.