June 24th, 2009


(no subject)

I pulled my wedding dress out of the closet today with the intention of finally taking it to the dry cleaner to get the dirt along the bottom removed. There are several big yellow stains on it. I have no idea what's caused it. There aren't any signs of anything on the garment bag; none of the other clothes in the closet seem to be similarly affected. Mysterious and hugely disappointing.

Anyway, I just got a dry cleaner recommendation from a friend, so I think that I'll take it in tomorrow. Hopefully they can get them out.

I got that dress very, very cheaply - and it's not like it was my OMG-dream-dress-ever-since-I-was-six or anything. But, still, a girl doesn't want her wedding dress to be ruined, you know?

In better news, Lewis and I took Samuel to the local natural history museum again. It's the first time Lewis has had time to come with us since Samuel became mobile. He was amused to see what a nut Samuel becomes at the place. S. runs from activity to activity squealing in excitement much of the time. Next time we'll have to take the camcorder.